High impact, immersive workshops designed by Sally Fisher to help participants rapidly shift mindset, acquire powerful performance enhancing techniques and gain insights to build confidence, resilience and leadership capacity.  If you knew that 70% of performance success is down to your own mindset, would you give more attention to ensuring your inner game and state of mind were set to help you perform at your best?

All of the Ah!Ha workshops focus on making a practical and lasting difference, rapidly. Participants consistently give feedback days and weeks after the event that they feel more energised, inspired and confident to pursue their most stretching goals.

Some of the most popular workshops are described below:

Resilience & Confidence - Your Inner Game to Peak Performance

The day before I attended your Resilience & Confidence workshop, I had decided to give up my job that I had invested 17 years in. As a result of the work we did helping me understand my inner dialogue and hidden assumptions, I have realised that I do have the capacity to make the next big step in my career. Thank you!
— Corporate Finance Director

A high impact, highly engaging workshop creating significant personal insight in how to build confidence and resilience that helps you perform at your best even when under pressure.

Objective:  Develop personal strategies for building confidence, taking action to achieve audaciously ambitious goals and for building resilience to sustain success.

Topics explored:

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and bridging the Confidence Gap
  • Physiology of Peak Performance
  • Managing emotions to optimise ability to respond for results

Typical Participant questions explored and explained:

  • How do I stretch beyond self-doubt?
  • What could I achieve if I felt more confident?
  • How do I maintain my peak performance as new normal?
  • How do I perform at my best even in situations that challenge my confidence and emotions?

In this workshop you will gain insights from the experience of others, what the research shows us, and from the AH!HA team.  You will be actively trying out new techniques and applying them to your real life work and home scenarios so that it is easier for you to embed the changes after the workshop.


Impact & Influence

A high intensity workshop that gives you 1-2-1 coaching and feedback to accelerate your ability to transform the way you influence, impact and communicate with others.

Workshop Objective: Increase self awareness about how others perceive you and how to increase your impact and influence in ways congruent with your own style.

Key Topics Explored:

  • Being assertive as a female Leader
  • Managing conflict for constructive outcomes
  • Connecting with and commanding your audience
  • Delivering your message in a compelling way

Typical Questions Explored and Explained:

  • How do I assert myself in a way that doesn't alienate others?
  • How do I make an impact with more senior audiences?
  • How do I better manage difficult relationships at work?


Leadership Identity and Creating a Meaningful Legacy

A thought-provoking and challenging workshop that invites you to be the best you can be and fulfil your greatest hopes and ambitions.

Workshop Objective: Develop a clear self-identity as a leader and prepare personal strategies to manage the pressures of leading in a minority.

Key Topics Explored:

  • Developing Executive Presence
  • Defining your personal Meaning Quotient
  • Creating Thinking environments that allow others to think at their best and so enhance the decision-making that happens around you
  • Overcoming identity bias
  • Typical questions explored and explained:

  • How do I continue to maintain popularity whilst putting myself forward as a leader?
  • How do I promote myself as a leader more effectively and congruently?
  • What do I want my legacy as a leader to be?

Women Thriving in Leadership 3-month Platinum Programme

This breakthrough programme for female participants has received incredible feedback from participants:

“I got more out of this programme than I could have imagined” Senior Manager, Global Consulting Firm

“The programme has made a huge difference to my life.  I think about it on a daily basis, so it is working!” CEO of SME in Aeronautical industry

It is designed as a 3-month development experience to accelerate your career success and support you to personally thrive as you succeed.  The programme is a combination of three high-impact, insight-generating workshops and three 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Sally or an Ah!Ha Associate Coach of your choice.

The workshops focus on developing advanced skills and personal strategies for success in the following areas, consistently shown to be key to women thriving in leadership:

  • Confidence & Resilience
  • Impact & Influence
  • Boardroom Presence
  • Identity and Ambition as a Leader

Once a year this breakthrough development programme is available as an open programme to individual clients, with a maximum of 12 participants.  All workshops are held in Central London.

For more information about the programme please contact Sally to discuss if this is the right development investment for you, at this time.