1-2-1 Coaching

The coaching sessions were brilliant. Please keep doing this. Everyone needs it!
— Global Marketing Director F&B Industry

Over decades of coaching and mentoring others for career success, including coaching Deloitte Directors through to Partner and CFO's transitioning into new FTSE 100 roles,  Sally has developed a results-focused approach to coaching that draws on influences from NLP, Time to Think and her own experience of building an international corporate career.

The Ah-Ha! coaching programme recommends 6 one hour 1-2-1 sessions in person if locations permit or via phone/skype held every two weeks with e-mail contact available in between.  This momentum allows you to make significant changes in your life and achieve significant progress towards your goals.  

Sally's coaching clients report significant shifts in the way they think and feel and are able to deal more effectively with issues that they have been struggling with and in greater levels of confidence to stretch their ambitions or make conscious and courageous decisions about what they want to prioritise in life.

Sally's coaching style is compassionate and intelligent.  She encourages you to think more deeply than you usually have time to think.  She works at both the conscious and unconscious levels to enable you to re-frame limiting assumptions that are holding you back or keeping you in frustrating cycles of confusion and replace them with liberating assumptions that support you to take action and move towards your real goals in life.

Sally is keen to help you develop personal strategies for success that enable you to personally thrive while succeeding in your corporate career.

Each coaching session lasts 1 hour and can be held face to face, on Skype or the phone (contrary to common perception, telephone coaching can be just as effective as face to face coaching).

Experience a free no obligation coaching session:

If you are interested in making a significant shift in your life and are interested to experience how coaching can increase the pace at which you are able to make those changes and sustain your progress towards your ambitions and goals, then you are welcome to arrange a free trial coaching session with Sally.

This is an opportunity to try out how coaching can help you and to help clarify what you want out of a coaching relationship.  It is a no obligation offer that can help you to decide if coaching with Ah-Ha! is the best way to help you accelerate your own progress towards your goals.

This is a great first step in helping you clarify your goals and how you want to achieve them.